Hand Painted Furniture - Mexican & Southwestern

Functional artwork designed to reflect passionate personalities

Custom hand painted furniture
decorative • whimsical • spirit-filled • rustic

Mexican ~ Southwestern ~ Spanish Colonial ~ Western ~ Mission

Spirit-filled, Custom Designed, Built & hand painted furniture

Large or small, your La Loba Design hand painted furniture is custom made and hand painted in Mexico and signed by artists keen on creating functional works of art. We hope that you will find an exciting array of painted designs in the pages that follow which should serve as a starting point for your imagination.

La Loba furniture may very well be the most personal hand painted furniture available in today's market. As an artist, designer and cultural anthropologist, I have traveled Mexico for over 30 years, concentrating on the ways of people engaged in the essence of everyday life. In the Colonial cities of Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende, as in the thick of Chiapas and the Yucatan, it has been a joy to experience the flavor and hospitality of wonderful people who have taught me much about life. The result - La Loba Design - designs that are built and painted in Mexico by artists who know all about bringing passion to life.

Most of my life has been spent on the Texas/Mexican border and the Gulf of Mexico where I was raised with one foot on each side of the Rio Grande. Cultural layering seems an inescapable reality for many raised near the tropic of cancer. Color, whimsy and "religioso", seem to direct my work, whether working in watercolor, acrylic or furnishings. It feels natural to assign these elements to functional furnishings.

Rustic, Mexican, Southwestern style, Spanish Colonial, New Spanish, Mission, Ranch, or Western...

What it's called has little to do with how it makes you feel. We call La Loba furniture "functional art". Furnishings that will give you the storage, utility and function you need while speaking volumes about your sophisticated eclectic tastes. La Loba promises to add passion to spaces in need of a voice.

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Thanks for your interest in the La Loba Furniture Collection. Let us know how you like our unusual hand painted designs.

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