Hand Painted Furniture - Mexican & Southwestern

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La Loba hand painted Designs

overall Designs

One scene wraps the entire piece... talk about functional art! Why settle for a painting that just hangs on the wall when these spectacular scenes transform your space?

El Mercado hand painted cabinets, mexican armoires

El Mercado:

in Mexico, the market lives. It is itself hand painted... a living work of art.

La Cocina hand painted cabinets, mexican armoires

La Cocina:

Colonial Mexican kitchen - art immitates life

San Miguel hand painted cabinets, mexican armoires

San Miguel:


Hacienda hand painted sideboard, picture frames, shelf, bench

La Hacienda, ranchscape:

a way of life finds it's way to rustic wood Mexican furniture
bench lowboy sideboard picture frames shelf


for kids of all ages


La Fiesta:

picture family, children, pinata, song, play... unique hand painted festive spirit
bench & shelf

Cat Circus hand painted cabinets, mexican armoires

Cat circus:


Cat Party hand painted cabinets, mexican armoires

Cat party:


children's bed headboard

Starry nights:

polar bear pals

children's bed headboard

dolphin dreams:


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We look forward to discussing your design needs and how your surroundings can reflect your spirit. "La Loba's" hand painted furniture promises to bring delightful function to your living or work environment.

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