Botequins: decorative painted curio cabinets

floral decorative painted curio cabinets "La Sandia"

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"El Flor" botequins, curio cabinets

Need a touch of nature? Try this crewelwork flower motif or ask about our birds. Birdseed or coldcream never had it so good as to reside in this precious "botequin" (small cabinet) made just the right size to set upon a countertop or hang beside your bathroom counter. A customer told me that 6 rolls of toilet paper fit perfectly inside. Well, why not?

$240 - Size: 20"h x 14w x 8d
Minimum order - 2. Can order a variety of designs.
Solid wood hand painted curio cabinets

Delivery: approximately 12 weeks
Shipping charges are based on weight and size, please contact us for an approximate quote.


Custom designs and sizes

You choose the theme and we'll create your decorative painted curio cabinets to compliment your style and colors.

Favorite botequin styles: la fiesta, Retablo, Ex-voto, proverbs, La Senora de los Lagos or Religiousos (various with virgins)

Need a special size? We'll build to your dimensions.

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